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Has working from home (more frequently) become your new normal? For sure, remote work has been more accepted, even by the most traditionally thinking manager, than ever before. And rightly so, there are many arguments for this trend: no commute, therefore less pollution, and research confirmed that working from home also boosts employee productivity, improves work/life balance and fosters better mental health. However, same researches also showed that people just create a makeshift workspace that is far from accepted standards. Physical complaints due to this are looming at many home offices, frustrating the benefits working remotely brings.

Furniture4rent Nederland is therefore happy to introduce a new service to keep all those remote workers happy. According to our “plug & play” philosophy in combination with our high service standard, we offer three pre-composed furniture packages for ergonomic home office workstations.

Every workstation consists of a fully automatic (electrical) height adjustable blade (up to 120 cm), which makes it a sit- and standing work desk and a office chair which meets the NEN1812 norm. Depending on the package, additional items (like a mobile file cabinet, printer or pc/laptop stand) are added. Click on one of the images below and check the content of our packages!

Whether the home office solution is for you or your employees, Furniture4rent Nederland will unburden you. For less than €2,85 per day, you or your employee have a suitable, flexible and ergonomic solution. For business-to-business customers we are happy to create tailor made solutions (and prices!) with the professional service at the speed of light! Just drop us an e-mail with your requirements (info@furniture4rent.nl) and we will contact you within the hour to discuss the details.

Looking for more flexibility? Of course we can combine the items you require! Just drop us an email with your requirements at info@furniture4rent.nl


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