Luxury Green furniture package

Living room


Living room package: € 355,- p/m (incl. VAT, transport and insurance).


Nature and luxury style come together beautifully in our Luxury Green package. Let yourself be embraced by the different shades of green. By adding golden accents here and there, a touch of old rose and some Dutch art, you get a beautiful accessible atmosphere and warm appearance. The colors nicely complement the black base furniture. Since accessories are crucial in this package, they are included as standard. The monthly rental price therefore includes a decoration package (6 items).

Please note; actual package might deviate from the pictures shown. Please check actual content of the package below.

Living room package

This package contains:

  • Green Divan Couch, 3 pers. seater 1x
  • Coffee table 1x
  • Carpet (160cm x 230cm) 1x
  • Cabinet (for example for TV) 1x
  • Lamp (1 standing, plus 1 for on Cabinet)
  • Dining table (110cm x 110cm) 1x
  • Dining chairs 4x
  • Dresser (180cm x 45cm x 85cm)
    (Optional available; price € 105,- p/m incl. VAT)
  • Wall cabinet (190cm x 86cm x 35cm)
    (Optional available; price € 75,- p/m incl. VAT)
  • Armchair (Optional available; price € 37,50,- p/m incl. VAT)
Furniture4rent - Industrial bedroom
Luxury Green furniture package



Bedroom package: € 129,- p/m (incl. VAT, transport and insurance).


The bedroom package comes with a high-quality box spring including a 7-zone multi pocket mattress. The box spring will be delivered with a mattress top deck which even further improves your comfort. This box spring is combined with a modern, light gray wardrobe (optional), 2 bedside tables and 2 bedside lamps. The wardrobe has 2 shelves, 2 hanging rods and a big mirror on the middle door. This combination gives you the extra space you need.

Bedroom package

This package contains:

  • Box spring (2 pers; 160cm x 200cm) 1x
  • Bedside table 2x
  • Bedside lamp 2x
  • Wardrobe 1x (Optional available; € 89,95,- p/m incl. VAT)
  • Quilt (2 pers.) 1x
  • Quilt cover 1x
  • Mattress cover 1x
  • Contoursheet 1x
  • Pillow 2x
  • Pillow slip 2x

Kitchen package

This is an expansion pack. Expand your living room and bedroom with this kitchen package (€ 39,95,- p/m incl. VAT).
This package contains:

  • Tableware (4 pers.) 1x
  • Bowls 2x
  • Coffee set (4 pers.) 1x
  • Tea set (4 pers.) 1x
  • Tea pot 1x
  • Long drink glasses 4x
  • Beer glasses 4x
  • Wine glasses 4x
  • Set of cooking pans 1x
  • Casserole 1x
  • Set of cutlery (4 pers.) 1x
  • Tablespoon 2x
  • Kitchen knife set 1x
  • Frying pan 1x
  • Coffee machine 1x
  • Water boiler 1x
  • Measuring cup 1x
  • Strainer 1x
  • Chopping board 1x
  • Washing gear 1x
  • Salad servers 1x
  • Garlic press 1x
  • Can opener 1x
  • Corkscrew 1x
  • Potato peeler 1x
  • Cheese slicer 1x
  • Grater 1x
  • Storage boxes 3x
  • Microwave plate 2x
  • Sugerbowl 1x
  • Pepper/Salt set 1x
  • Coasters for pots 3x
  • Coasters for glasses 4x
  • Scissors 1x
  • Oven glove 2x
  • Kitchen towel 2x
  • Tea towel 2x
  • Dishcloth 2x

Decoration package

Since accessories are crucial in this package, there are already 6 decoration items included as standard.
You can add an expansion decoration package for your living room and bedroom for € 24,95,- p/m (incl. VAT).
These packages contain:

  • Matching pillows 3x
  • Decoration items for cabinet and dining table 3x
  • Plaid 1x
  • Big item for on the ground 1x
  • Bowl 1x
  • Additional general decoration items 5x
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