Studio Furniture Package

Studio Furniture package €179,- p/m incl VAT, transport and insurance
Based upon a 12 month contract.
Studio Furniture Package

Living- and bedroom

Studio Furniture Package €179,-- p/m incl VAT, transport and insurance.

A package which is composed for smaller apartments and houses (up to 45m2). A living- and bedroom package in one which has the most essential furniture in it. If needed, we can add extra elements like wardrobe, lamps, carpet etc.

Please note; actual package might deviate from the pictures shown. Please check actual content of the package below.

Studio Furniture package

This package contains:

  • Couch, 2,5 pers seater 1x
  • Coffee tables 2x
  • Cabinet (for example for TV) (50cm x 118cm x 40cm) 1x
  • Round dining table (74cm x 110cm x 110cm) 1x
  • Dining chairs 2x
  • Boxspring bed (140cm x 200cm)
  • Wardrobe (Optional available; price €39,95 p/m incl VAT)

Kitchen package

This is an expansion pack. Expand your living room and bedroom with this kitchen package (€39,95 p/m incl VAT).
This package contains:

  • Tableware (4 pers) 1x
  • Bowls 2x
  • Coffee set (4 pers) 1x
  • Tea set (4 pers) 1x
  • Tea pot 1x
  • Long drink glasses 4x
  • Beer glasses 4x
  • Wine glasses 4x
  • Set of cooking pans 1x
  • Casserole 1x
  • Set of cutlery (4 pers) 1x
  • Tablespoon 2x
  • Kitchen knife set 1x

  • Frying pan 1x
  • Coffee machine 1x
  • Water boiler 1x

  • Measuring cup 1x
  • Strainer 1x
  • Chopping board 1x
  • Washing gear 1x
  • Salad servers 1x
  • Garlic press 1x
  • Can opener 1x
  • Corkscrew 1x
  • Potato peeler 1x
  • Cheese slicer 1x
  • Grater 1x

  • Storage boxes 3x
  • Microwave plate 2x
  • Sugerbowl 1x
  • Pepper/Salt set 1x
  • Coasters for pots 3x
  • Coasters for glasses 4x
  • Scissors 1x
  • Oven glove 2x
  • Kitchen towel 2x
  • Tea towel 2x
  • Dishcloth 2x

Decoration package

This is an expansion pack. Expand your living room and bedroom with this decoration package (€34,95 p/m incl VAT).
This package contains:

  • Pillows 3x
  • Plaid 1x
  • Bowl 1x
  • Decoration items for cabinet and dining table 6x
  • Big (or 2x small) wall item 1x

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