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As an expat you have so many things to arrange during the course of your move to The Netherlands. Insurances, permits, bank accounts, housing… the list is long. Of course the main and most important challenge is finding a place to live and once you have found your “new place”, you need to face the task of re-decorating the whole place and then furnishing it in order to make it feel like home.

"I have found a place and now what? Where do I go to look for my furniture? What style should I choose? What quality do I want? How, when I have found it, do I manage to have it delivered and in some cases assembled? What if I decide to leave the Netherlands again after a year to go back to my home country or am reassigned another position abroad? What do I do with my newly acquired furniture? Do I need to sell it... put it on the web, advertise in the local paper? How do I make these arrangements?"

In short… a lot of hassle for every expat and a very time-consuming process. But what if there was a company which can deliver you a one stop Turnkey Solution? A furniture rental company located in the Netherlands which delivers and assembles a really high end-quality Furniture Package to any given location in the “Randstad”, - an area in and around the four major Dutch cities, - on any given date and pre arranged time. A company which will pick up the whole package from you at the end of the rental contract, leaving you free to focus on all the other things you have to arrange in order to exit.

So if you are looking for furniture rental in the Netherlands... just click, request for an offer, sign and the rest will be arranged.

What happens at the end of the contract period?

Furniture4rent Nederland offers several options:

  1. Either you extend your original contract or;
  2. You buy the Furniture Package you rented; the "Rent-and-Buy" option or;
  3. You ask Furniture4rent Nederland to pick up the whole Furniture Package.

Should you decide (after a min. of 2 years rent) to opt for the “Rent-and-Buy” option and decide to leave after a few years Furniture4rent Nederland offers the unique “Buy-Back” option. In this case we buy back, under certain pre-agreed terms and conditions, the Furniture Package and pick it up whenever this is required. Yes it really is as simple as that!

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