About the project

Our customer was fortunate to receive a recommendation from a colleague to work with our company in transforming his house into a home. Luck was on his side as we had a returned package in stock, available for a reduced monthly rental fee. This gave our customer the flexibility to add additional packages, such as the kitchen and decoration packages, to their order. Within a mere 8 hours, a deal was struck, and the delivery date was set. The customer stepped out for a quick coffee break, only to return to a fully furnished home, leaving him with a big smile and another happy customer.

Location City center of Den Haag
Project start January 2023
Project finish Within 8 hours
Size 120 sq m

Customer testimonial

"JP was simply tremendous to deal with, went over and above time and time again..."

"Moving to a new country can be a very stressful time with so many things to attend to. To be honest, almost every aspect of my move to the Hague was stressful except for one...my furniture rental. JP was simply tremendous to deal with, went over and above time and time again, was very quick to respond to my questions prior to my move to the country and once in country. I felt very looked after and the personal care and service he and his team provided was second to none. I am very satisfied with the quality, look and feel of the furniture package delivered. I would certainly use this company again in a heartbeat and recommend them to anyone. Very stress free, personable and overall great experience. Nice to know there are still companies like this out there. Well done!"

Rick – Canada