We make things as simple as possible for you

Furniture4rent Nederland

Why not let us take on the burden?

As stated, we try to make things as simple as possible. You have enough on your plate already!

Furniture4rent Nederland offers 3 different styles of Furniture Packages...;

Package 1; The Industrial Style
Package 2; The Retro Solid Style
Package 3; The Studio Style

...and 3 different types of workstations;

Package 1; Basic workstation package
Package 2; Medium workstation package
Package 3; Premium workstation package

  1. Choose the furniture style or workstation package that suits you best;
  2. Select the packages you want;
  3. Just click on the "Request for quotation" button and we will send you a quote tailor-made to your needs;
  4. After agreement and signature we will set a delivery date in accordance with your wishes;
  5. The packages will be delivered (from factory within 5 to 7 days) and assembled on delivery. Or, if in stock, within 48 hours;
  6. Furniture4rent Nederland will remove and dispose of all packaging and waste;
  7. Just come home, turn the key, switch on the light, sit down and relax;
  8. After the agreed rental period you can either extend the contract or;
  9. You buy the Furniture or workstation package you rented or;
  10. You ask Furniture4rent Nederland to pick up the package;
  11. Please note; all workstations will be ergonomically adjusted on-site for every user.

Terms and conditions;

  1. VAT, transport and insurances included (Excl VAT for workstations);
  2. Minimum rental period six months (but can be discussed);
  3. Down payment is one month rent;
  4. *Check for more detailed the Terms and Conditions.

Why clients choose us

Free delivery

Prices are including transport.


Turn key delivery, so including transport and assembly.

Fully assured

All our packages are fully assured.


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