How we ensure a circular economy

How we ensure a circular economy - Mindful entrepreneurship

Eco friendly furniture Netherlands

Throughout the year, we deliver many furniture packages, most of which are new from the factory. All of these furniture pieces are well-packaged to prevent transport damage. This is essential, but the consequence is that there is a lot of packaging material left over after unpacking. Cardboard, plastic, Styrofoam… you name it. Piles of waste!

Separating waste

Because we at Furniture4rent Netherlands believe in a circular economy, we make sure that all this waste is separated and disposed of. Either our transporter takes it away, or we dispose of it ourselves. All this waste is then (separated) offered to the waste processing service.

Circular economy - Reuse - Donating furniture

Circular economy - Recycling - Conscious entrepreneurship

Circular economy - Separating waste

Reusing furniture

But we do more! Of course, we make sure that the furniture can be rented again. Nothing goes in the trash, but is cleaned and repaired where necessary. We make sure that the furniture is in top condition again so that it can find its way to a new owner. During the transport of such a “second-hand” package, no disposable materials are used anymore, but everything is transported in reusable moving blankets. This keeps the furniture undamaged and prevents unnecessary waste of packaging materials.

Nice additional benefit for our customer of these “second-hand” packages… these can be rented at a lower monthly rental price! How nice is that?!


Some products we always deliver new, such as blankets and pillows. This is for hygiene reasons. But after use by our customer, these are certainly not thrown away! These are offered to the Salvation Army and/or church once a year. After all, they are still great products, so why throw them away?

And, if we ever need to phase out a piece of furniture, we don’t just toss it. Instead, we offer it for free to the thrift store, where it can find a new home and continue to bring joy and comfort.

In short;
  • Separate disposal and collection of all packaging materials
  • Reuse of rented furniture packages
  • Donating bedding to the Salvation Army and/or church
  • Giving away current items to the thrift store for free

At Furniture4rent Nederland, we believe that sustainability and style go hand in hand. By choosing us, you can have the best of both worlds. Let us help you make your next move a stylish and eco-friendly one. “Let’s move and rent!”

Our packages

What our customers are saying about us:

"It was an amazing work experience with JP, from the quotation email to the delivery date."

"Recently I've moved to the Amsterdam and after struggling with finding an apartment there was another problem to furnish the place, yes another pain in the neck for a new comer, especially when you've already started working, it's hard to manage your time. It was an amazing work experience with JP, from the quotation email to the delivery date. There is nothing that you feel you should take care of. Just adjust date and time and you will have what you want! To be precise and summarised, JP an and his team are friendly and professional."

Reza - Iran

"JP took all the stress away..."

"JP was wonderful to work with and we would highly recommend FURNITURE4RENT.NL to anyone looking to rent furniture! The furniture is beautiful (new, trendy, great colors) and the level of service they provided exceeded all our expectations. Planning a move overseas can be stressful and JP took all the stress away from this aspect of the transition. He was always quick to respond, answer questions and revise the inventory list as we thought more about what we needed and didn’t need. He proactively recommended a couple item switches that worked better us in the end. JP even coordinated with our home rental agency to deliver and set up the furniture prior to our arrival, so we could get off our long flight and go to sleep the minute we walked in the door! The beds were made, which tells you about the personal touch you can expect. Highly recommend! JP, thanks again!"

Merrin - Canada

"I highly recommend - you will not be disappointed!!"

"JP was excellent to deal with - made arrangements via email while he was on vacation. All questions were answered promptly and clearly. Everything from the initial questions, quotation, contract, to the delivery arrangements, was clear and well communicated. I came home after a couple of very long work days to find a beautifully set up home - along with a bottle of wine and stroopwaffels!! Everything was brand new, including the kitchen package. The furniture is stylish and of good quality. SO much easier than purchasing on your own if the time in NL is clearly defined. I highly recommend - you will not be disappointed!!"

Jessie - Canada

"The quality of the furniture is high, process seamless and we are very happy"

"We recently furnished our family home through Furniture 4 Rent. The communication & service from the start of my contact with F4R was great. We managed to have a package sorted and moved in within a week of contacting JP & his team. It is really a service where you can just move in and start living - just what we needed! The quality of the furniture is high, process seamless and we are very happy. Thank you!"

Elizabeth - Australia